Given its geographical situation, Portugalete shares the same climate as the rest of Spain's northern coastline.

It belongs to the group referred to as temperate climates, and specifically to the variety known as temperate oceanic, which is characterised by a fairly even distribution of rainfall throughout the year, with no clearly defined dry summer season.

The curve depicting temperatures shows that the highest average temperatures are recorded in July and August, and the lowest in January and February, without there being major temperature variations between the seasons, whereby the winters are wet and relatively mild. Its very proximity to the sea tempers the heat in summer and takes the edge off the cold in winter.

In short, it can be said that it has a damp, temperate climate with an even distribution of rainfall throughout the year and with the warmest month recording an average temperature that does not exceed 22ºC.

The climate in numbers 

Average Temperatures

  • Maximum: 20,0º
  • Minimum: 9,1º 


  • Total:1.170mm
  • No. days: 188

Other data

  • No. days of frost: 10
  • No. days of storm: 21
  • Hours of sunlight: 1.653
  • Max. wind speed: 105 Km/h