XIV Century

Its birth as a town goes back to the 14th century, though people of sea already lived in the village, sheltered in its natural port. On June 11, 1322, Dona María Díaz de Haro, widow of the infante Don Juan, and Lady of Biscay founded the “villazgo” granting the jurisdiction of Logroño.

The foundation, whose Town Charter was signed by Dona María was lost years later, was ratified in 1432, by King John II of Castile and Leon, a document which still survives to these days. At the end of this century factional wars began and were present along decades.

Chronological table

  • 1322 -  Foundation of the town 
  • 1333 -  Second Town Charter 
  • 1372 -  Infante Don Juan Confirmation. The Infante Don Juan, son of Henry II of Castile, to be awarded to the Lordship of Biscay to the death of the last Lord, Don Tello, confirmed Portugalete’s Privilege, in the city of Burgos, on January 11, 1372. 
  • 1379 -  Confirmation of Don Juan King (John I of Castile and Leon) Don Juan King returns to confirm Portugalete’s Privilege, in the city of Burgos on August 12, 1379. 
  • 1399 -  Lope Garcia de Salazar is born