XV Century

The Middle Ages were presided by the dominance of several noble families, as part of the wars of decrees, that destroyed the Basque Country between the XIVth and XVth century. Within groups of the nobility jarrillera stood out the Salazar which raised the tower house which takes his name.

Between them we should stress Lope García de Salazar, famous partisanly and chronicler who was a Provost of the town.From the monumental point of view it is important the current Basilica of Santa María, which apparently began to be built in 1492.

Chronological table

  • 1432 -  Don Juan II confirmation 
  • 1459 -  Date of the oldest Municipal Ordinances of the Villa 
  • 1468 -  Fire warrior is reproduced but this time in the Duranguesado Settlers from Elorrio and Durango had risen up in arms. In the contest were killed four Salazar, dressing up in mourning all the town of Portugalete. 
  • 1476 -  Fernando of Aragon visits Portugalete 
  • 1483 -  Confirmation of Isabel the Catholic On September 4 the Queen Dona Isabel the Catholic came wearing a dress of Biscayan style. The Queen wanted with her presence to invite to the peace and harmony to the decrees and lineages maintained for a long time ago, apart from confirming the charter of Portugalete on September 8, 1483. 
  • 1492 -  It begins the construction of the Basilica of Santa Maria