XVIII Century

Problems continue with Portugalete's bar in which navigation was very costly, the channels had little riverbed and there was a great danger to run aground. In this way the conditions offered by the estuary for navigations were not even acceptable.

The Bar could not be crossed by vessels deeper more than four meters in living high tide, that was the moment that the major depths were reached and when the storms affected the Bar it was impossible to get in the estuary. So the ships were forced to shelter in Santurce until conditions were viable to entry.

Chronological table:

  • 1712 -  Deterioration of the bar and channel Although so many works were done the status of the Bar and the channel was getting more dangerous. Sands grew continuously. There was a fear that the Bar was being blinder and the river was drying off. Not only Portugalete and Bilbao, but the whole Lordship suffered the nightmare that was going to close the door through they went out to Europe.
  • 1753 -  José Justo de Salcedo is born. The last great naval military.
  • 1758 -  Francisco Javier Castaños is born The First Marquess of Portugalete.
  • 1776 -  Jose Gabriel de Lasurtegui is born. Missionary Agustino.
  • 1790 -  San Roque is proclaimed patron of the Town. On July 30, the representation of the people decided to proclaim San Roque as the the patron saint of the Town, in recognition of the services and miracles he had performed.