XX Century

The town has not big industrial companies, it has medium size companies, among them there are the metal processing, machinery and construction. The immense majority of its inhabitants work in the surrounding industrial area.

The agricultural and cattle activities have practically disappeared because of the continuous advance of the built space. Throughout the 20th century Portugalete continued being a neuralgic center, commercial area and leisure centre for the left bank of the river.

In sports and festivals, Portugalete is the most attractive village of its zone, different sports can be practiced, like regattas, in which compete the most famous crews of Basque Country, Cantabria, Galicia and Asturias.

The most important race of this type is the well-known Nervion Prize which is celebrated in September.

Chronological table

  • 1905 -  Portugalete after a lot of works, already has a Port.
  • 1924 -  It begins to be buildt in Repélega the Urban Group of the Cooperative "Villanueva" finished in 1925.
  • 1925 - A Project of Widening is approved.
  • 1934 -  During the events of October SalazarTower is burned.
  • 1936 -  On July 18 begins the Spanish Civil War.
  • 1937 -  The war comes to Portugalete On June 22 Falangists troops burst in Portugalete.In June the suspension span of the transporter bridge is destroyed by a section of military engineers dependent of the army of the North. On June 13 Portugalete is bombarded suffering important damages.
  • 1938 -  Architect Santos Zunzunegui begins a new project for the Market Square.
  • 1941 -  On June 19 the Hanging Bridge is inaugurated officially.