RENFE joins Bilbao with the immense majority of Spanish cities, as well as with the rest of Europe across the frontier points of Hendaia or Le Pehrts in France. The station of Renfe-Abando communicates directly with the meter. It is provided with good railroad communications with the populations of the surroundings, and with the rest of the State.

It is provided with the local train, (Bilbao - Portugalete -Santurtzi), and already from Bilbao:


Circular square, 2. Phone:902 24 02 02

Destinations: Long distance: Madrid, Barcelona, Levante, Galicia and Andalucia Local train: Llodio, Orduña, Left Margin


Atxuri, 6. Phone: 902 54 32 10

Destinations: San Sebastian, Durango, Bermeo, Sondika, Derio and Lezama. 


Bailén, 2. Phone: 94 423 22 66

Destinations: Santander, Oviedo, El Ferrol, Balmaseda...