Good practices program for destination quality

Spanish Integral Tourism Destination Quality System


Amongst its targets in the tourism field, the Basque Government is using BASQUETOUR to promote the consolidation of ‘Euskadi’ or the Basque Country, as an intelligent, sustainable and quality destination.

Basquetour is channelling the abovementioned Good Practices Programme for Destination Quality through a national system, managed on a Regional Community level, called “Spanish Integral Tourism Destination Quality System”.

The project consists of establishments/services/tourism resources in the municipality being mentored by an external export, supported by a municipal technician and receiving a series of training sessions and workshops, aimed at obtaining, after the appropriate evaluations, a certificate of “Commitment to Tourism Quality”.
Companies participating in Portugalete - 2017

  1. Gran Hotel Puente Colgante.
  2. BIDE ONA Hostel.
  3. Municipal Tourist Information Office.
  4. RIALIA Museum.
  5. Nautic Gourmet.
  6. TORRE DE SALAZAR Restaurant.
  7. AUNTZ Restaurant.
  8. GUYMA Souvenirs (Tobacconist).
Ayuntamiento de Portugalete
Plaza del Solar, s/n - 48920 Portugalete - Bizkaia - Teléfono: 94 472 92 00