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St. Mary’s Basilica of Portugalete:

Folk and dance:

  • TxikienDantzaldia: in May or June
  • San Cristóbal Dance Festival: in July
  • International Folk Festival of the Elai Alai: in July
  • Dantzaldia Virgen de la Guía: in July
  • International Ochote (Basque choral group) Festival: in October or November


Saints Feast Days:

  • San Roque Feast Day: From the 14th to the 17th of August
  • Santiago Feast Day: 25th of July
  • San Juan Feast Day: 23rd of June. Parade and bonfires
  • Carnival


Local and Traditional Festivals:

  • San Antonio: In the first fortnight of June (Organised by the Buenavista Neighbourhood Association and Festival Committee)
  • San Pedro y San Pablo: Coinciding with the 29th of June, San Pedro (Organised by the Sociedad Recreativa Burgalesa Castellano-Leonesa de Portugalete)
  • Virgen de la Guía: 1st of July (Organised by Berriztasuna Dantza Taldea)
  • San Cristobal: In the first fortnight of July (Organised by Ikusgarri euskal dantza taldea)
  • San Roque: from the 14th to the 17th of August (Organised by the Festival Department of the Portugalete Council)
  • San Nicolás: In the first fortnight of September (Organised by the Cofradía de Mareantes y Navegantes de San Nicolás y San Telmo)
  • La Cruz: In the second fortnight of September (Organised by GaurkoGazteakdantzataldea)
  • La Florida Feast days: In the second fortnight of June (Organised by Peña Erik Moran)



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