Seafront Promenade - Old Wharf

Seafront Promenade

The section of the river estuary bordering the town boasts a two-kilometre long promenade, divided up into three sections:
  • The Old Wharf
  • The Churruca Wharf
  • Iron Wharf

The Churruca or New Wharf, a symbol of the popularity of Portugalete as a tourist spot at the end of the 19th century, is part of the promenade stretching along the waterfront and is two kilometres long. The Transporter Bridge is its most outstanding symbol. 

Old Wharf

Following this reunion with the industrial process, we shall conclude our visit at the pier in the old port, where, every morning, you can still see some small fi shing vessels arriving with fresh fish to sell. A boat trip on the tourist craft that links the town with Getxo on the right bank after a stop off at the fishing town of Santurtzi is a fun and refreshing way to discover the coast.
  • Muelle Viejo