Solar Plaza - Bandstand

Our visit continues through the popular Solar Plaza, where several representative element sare worthy of mention:

The Town Hall

Built in the neo-classical style in 1883 by Atanasio Anduiza, it has a rectangular floor plan and has an arcade on the ground floor, revealing great sobriety.

The statue of Víctor Chávarri

Víctor Chávarri, was a Portugalete entrepreneur, founder of the “La Vizcaya” factory, which would later become “Altos Hornos de Vizcaya”. The statue is situated opposite the town hall. It was made by Catalan sculptor Miguel Blay in 1903 and was awarded the first gold medal at the Paris InternationalFair of 1905. It is made up of a bronze bust of Víctor Chavarri resting on a Carrara marble base, the fi gures of two workers in bronze, a driller and ironworks worker, representing the industrialization process.


It was built by Emiliano Pagazaurtundúa in 1912 in the eclectic style, with clear Moorish and Classical infl uences. This meeting place is famous for its chicharrillos or dances, and for the concerts offered by the municipal brass band every other Sunday. From here move on to Churruca Wharf.