The Salazar Tower

Formerly a tower house, belonging to the Salazar lineage in Portugalete, its construction dates from the end of the 15th century.

It was the symbol of the military power and wealth of this family, in the chief kinsman’s attempt to gain entry into Portugalete, from this vantage point being able to control all the sea traffic as well as the roads that circled the town. With the passing of time, the defensive tower was turned into a stately residence, to satisfy the needs of its dwellers.

In 1934, with the October Revolution, the house was burnt, revealing a section of the former tower house. On the basis of these remains, architect Joaquín Irízar rebuilt it in 1958, making it look like a mediaeval castle. The last reconstruction took place in 2003, when the Council bought it for cultural purposes It is a quadrangular construction, in masonry, with ashlars in the building’s more important areas. It has four storeys and a four pitched roof, typical of the mediaeval tower houses. It houses a museum and a Basque haute cuisine restaurant.


  • Torre Salazar