Tourism Office

A civil construction built by Pablo de Alzola y Minondo in 1888, it was the terminal station of the Bilbao-Portugalete Railway line. Erected on land reclaimed from the sea on the site of the Old Wharf (Muelle Viejo), it made it easier for the Bilbao bourgeoisie to get to Portugalete’s El Salto beach, and implied a major improvement in the transport of goods and materials.

It is an attractive, clearly classical building with french influence in its mansarded section, crowned by a tower, with a domed roof housing a clock. Due to the prolongation of the railway line to Santurtzi with the opening of a tunnel under the town in 1925, this station was gradually abandoned. In the sixties, the La Canilla building – as it is commonly known – was handed over to the local authorities who decided to refurbish it as the Municipal Tourism Information Office.

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