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Portugalete, Noble Medieval Villa with two World Heritage sites

Portugalete, Noble Villa of the province of Bizkaia, on the Left Bank of the Nervión Estuary, is the home of two UNESCO World Heritage sites: The Bridge of Bizkaia and the Northern ‘Camino de Santiago’ Route.

The Bridge of Bizkaia

The Bridge of Bizkaia was declared a World Heritage Site on the 13th of July, 2006 by the UNESCO.

 This creation, opened on the 28th of July, 1893, perfectly synthesizes architectonic and functional aspects. Its gondola, a mobile platform suspended over the estuary, allows people and vehicles to be transported between the two Banks of the Nervión Estuary. Likewise, the Bridge of Bizkaia can be crossed using a pedestrian walkway, which is around 60 metres high, allowing its marvellous panoramic views to be enjoyed.

 A symbol of the cultural tradition linked to the preparation and use of Basque iron, it is a patient witness to the history of the Nervión Estuary, its villages and its people.

Portugalete, a stop on the Northern Camino de Santiago route

Portugalete forms part of the Camino de Santiago, on its “Camino del Norte” or “Northern Route”, declared as a World Heritage Site on the 5th of July, 2015 by the UNESCO.

The Camino runs through the Historic Quarter and along the main thoroughfare crossing the modern part of Portugalete. The Noble Villa has a Municipal Hostel for Pilgrims.

The presence of the Village of Portugalete on the Coastal Route on the pilgrimage towards Santiago is recorded by a direct Jacobean source, that of the Armenian Bishop Martyr of Arzenjan, who travelled along this coastal route and on his return he stayed in “The great city of Portugalete”.

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